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Gosuke is proud to partner with the Henn Na Hotel. We offer

lunch and dinner for our guests, open Monday to
Saturday. Our chefs have over 50 years of experience handling
Japanese cuisine in Japan and New York City. We strive to
deliver the most authentic Japanese cuisine for our guests. Our
menu will feature fresh sushi and sashimi meals, along with
authentic Japanese kitchen items. Please check us out, as we
are located in the back of the Henn Na Hotel.

Chef Akimitsu Tanihara the founder of Shitamachi Tendon

Akimitsu which is Tendon/Tempura restaurant located in

Asakusa, Japan. The restaurant has a long history of making

donburi—a rice bowl topped with seasoned vegetables or

seafood—and Chef Akimitsu Tanihara has extensive

techniques and experience making tempura and tendon. He

has mastered making traditional tendon—or tempura

donburi—in bold and artistic ways. In 2014, this profound

knowledge and experience finally earned Shitamachi Tendon

Akimitsu the highest recognition for tempura cuisine—the “King

of Tempura Bowl” gold award—in Japan’s donburi

championship. From 2014-2018, the restaurant has won the 5th

“All Japan Donburi Gold Medal” five consecutive times.